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  • I got lost 🤯 in the YouTube maze looking for TikTok music

I got lost 🤯 in the YouTube maze looking for TikTok music

and figured I'd share some of my findings...

Hey there,

In this update, we delve into the fascinating world of TikTok and YouTube.

As people use TikTok, many of them also turn to YouTube for two main reasons:

  1. Catchy Tunes: Enjoying those addictive tunes and finding the songs they stumbled upon while scrolling through TikTok.

  2. Nostalgic Compilations: YouTube is a treasure trove of TikTok videos thoughtfully compiled into delightful compilations, letting users relive their favorite moments repeatedly.

Understanding the connection between these platforms can empower content creators and marketers to leverage TikTok's viral music trends and optimize content discovery. 📈

In this data-bites 🍘 update, I've gathered insights by analyzing the top 500 TikTok music-related videos on YouTube, as if I was in the United States. This search led to the discovery of 2,146 unique tags being used for these popular videos.

Keep in mind that each market is unique, so results may differ in other regions. 🌎

Now, let's explore the clusters associated with TikTok music on YouTube:

Use of hashtags when looking for TikTok music content on YouTube - download high-resolution image over here

  1. TikTok Viral/Songs: This cluster includes tags like "tiktok viral," "tiktok songs," and "best tiktok songs." People often search for popular TikTok music, resulting in the frequent use of these tags together.

  2. Audios/Sped Up: Sped-up songs have become a popular trend, leading to a cluster focused on such content. These tags are often combined with audio-related keywords, emphasizing edited audio on TikTok.

  3. Chill: This cluster revolves around chill, morning, and acoustic music.

  4. Mix & Mashup: This cluster features mashups of specific TikTok trends or compilations of the best sounds of a particular year, like "best sounds of 2022."

  5. Geographical: The search query reveals regional clusters based on the US YouTube client, but similar analyses could be performed for other regions (and will probably do so…;-)).

  6. Genre: The most prominent genre within the network is EDM/dance music, we’re also seeing sub-genres like phonk and drift music that have gained significant popularity in recent years.

💡 Utilizing this information can be advantageous for content creators and marketers:

By analyzing these clusters, you can identify content creation opportunities and optimize your YouTube upload strategy. Focusing on specific clusters or exploring different ones can help tailor your content to your target audience's interests, increasing engagement and success on YouTube. Don't forget to sync your YouTube and TikTok strategies to achieve maximum impact.

If you're curious and prefer more detailed visualizations of the individual tags, I have them available upon request.

Recommended TikTok music videos

Additionally, I explored YouTube's recommendations for TikTok music-related videos, resulting in a dataset of 2450 unique videos. These recommended videos showcased a more cohesive structure compared to our previous video tagging approach.

Clusters of related videos mainly revolve around themes like TikTok Mashups, Sped Ups & Audio Edits, TikTok Music Videos, Artist and Song-Related Music Videos, Remixes/Party/Dance, and Lyrics. The analysis also revealed intriguing geographical clusters from regions like India, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

I hope this update sparks your curiosity and prompts further questions. Feel free to engage in further discussion with me on Twitter at @plan_bo.

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